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Good Bull Fund

Funding Request

This position is closed.

The Good Bull Fund: 

Through generous support of the Office of the President, this fund is established to cover or offset expenses related to the planning and implementation of student-led activities at Texas A&M University.   

Funding Request Periods: 

Summer 2024 (Activities occurring June 2024 - August 2024)


Fall 2024 (Activities occurring September 2024 - December 2024)


Required Criteria:


If the activity is an event or program:

*The activity must fall within the specified date range for funding and should be limited to one event or event series (same event several times). Requests for multiple events will not be considered. 


If the activity is travel and/or professional development:

*The Travel/Professional Development activity should include representation of the organization at local, regional, national, or international opportunities. Professional development activities that are planned by and for organizational leadership/membership only (i.e. retreats, training days, etc.) will not be considered for funding.  


Preferred Criteria: 




Funding Process: 

  1. Organizations may apply for funding once per funding period, based on the date of the event or program.
  2. Applications for funding will be reviewed by a committee consisting of one full-time Texas A&M staff member, one full-time Texas A&M faculty member, two current undergraduate students, and one graduate student.  Committee members who are affiliated with an organization applying for funds will not be allowed to participate in the funding decision(s) for that organization. The Committee will be chaired by an Assistant Director of Student Activities or higher.
  3. Organizations will be required to submit information pertaining to the criteria above, in addition to a budget for their event or program.  A rubric will be used to determine how well the request aligns with the criteria and purpose of the funding.  Those organizations with the highest rubric scores will receive first priority for funding until all funding has been allocated, or all funding requests (meeting criteria) have been funded.
  4. Allocations will be made based on the total amount of funding available and the total amount of funds requested by all organizations.  Partial allocations may be given to accommodate multiple requests.
  5. Organizations may be asked to meet with the allocation committee in person to discuss their request.
  6. All funding decisions will be approved by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs or designee before allocations are distributed to the student organization.
  7. Organizations may be asked to provide a post-event impact statement regarding their use of the funding. Such statements may be used in marketing and promotional materials and/or to provide relevant data and feedback to university leadership.

*Emergency or expedited funding can be considered with support of a Texas A&M University department head or higher.


For more information about the Good Bull Fund, visit the links below: 

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