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FLASH Freshman Member - Freshman Leaders Advancing in Service and Honor

Deadline: Sep 12, 2022 12:00 pm

Freshmen Leaders Advancing in Service & Honor (FLASH) is a half social, half service-based freshmen leadership organization designed to develop personal growth in the incoming class. FLASH is proud to say that we value and prioritize diversity and inclusion. FLASH cultivates leadership in its members by providing hands-on service events such as Build, Adopt-a-Highway, Shack-a-Thon, and volunteering at our philanthropy Twin City Mission. In addition to growing in selfless service, FLASH aims to promote genuine friendships among its members through social events such as intramural sports teams, the FLASH tailgate, semi-formal, Spring Retreat, and many other fun hangouts throughout the year. FLASH has become family to hundreds of members since it was established in 2007. Lifelong friendships are made all while we have the pleasure and opportunity to serve the community. 


There will be mandatory weekly General Meetings hosted every Monday night at 8:30 PM, weekly Committee Meetings assigned at a later date, and frequent Big Fam hangouts throughout the month. It may sound time-consuming, but we can work with your schedule to where it best suits you!


FLASH Freshmen member dues are $165. Do not let the big number scare you off! Our Finance Executive will work hand in hand with you to figure out the best possible payment plan/method. In addition, we offer up to 5 FLASH scholarships that will fully cover the dues payment. 


  • Friday, September 2nd from 7pm-8pm in MSC 2300D
  • Tuesday, September 6th from 8pm-9pm in Rudder Forum 1


Make sure to come to our informationals to learn what our organization is about and meet some of our staff members!


The Career Center is offering resources to help you prepare for the application & interview process. You are highly encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities!

  • Strengthen Your Student Org Application
    • August 31 5:30 PM
    • Koldus 209
  • Prepare for Your Student Org Interview
    • September 15 5:30 PM
    • Koldus 209


Check out our website, for more details, or reach out to us through our Instagram @aggieflash if you have any questions. Class of ‘26, we want you to find your home with us at A&M. Thanks, gig ‘em, and apply FLASH.

"Being a part of FLASH gave me a true sense of belonging on the Texas A&M campus. FLASH singlehandedly contributed to the personal growth I experienced freshman year and gave me the most fun and genuine friends I have ever made. I want each member of the Class of 2026 to have this same experience during their freshman year! Please reach out to me through email or text if you have any questions at all- I am more than happy to help.”

- Madison Stevens (FLASH Director)