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The 12th Can

The 12th Can Food Pantry intends to eliminate food insecurity on campus for students, faculty, and staff at Texas A&M...

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12th Law Man

The purpose of the 12th Law Man is to preserve and promote the traditions of Texas A&M University School of...

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180 Degrees Consulting TAMU

180 Degrees Consulting's aim is to make a global social impact by enabling intelligent young people from around the world...

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1st Batt

1st Battalion Staff

First Battalion Staff is a part of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets System. First Battalion Staff supports/oversees Companies A-2,...

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1st Brigade

First Brigade develops well-educated leaders of character that are prepared for the global leadership challenges of the future and act...

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1st WING

1st Group Staff

First Group will provide guidance, resources, and assistance to its outfits to enable them to carry out the Corps Mission...

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1st REG

1st Regiment

To support the mission of the Corps of Cadets using the ethos of the Navy/Marine Corps team as a reference....

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1st Wing

The Wing will be composed of well-supported and connected outfits that operate to fosteran environment that pushes the individual and...

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2D Visual Developers

To provide a space where those with a shared interest in comics, animation, graphic novels, and concept art can come...

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2nd Group Staff

2nd Group Staff's purpose is to lead and support Squadrons 1, 12, 16, 18, and 21 as they train and...

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3rd Battalion Staff

Third Brigade promotes a people-centric organization that cultivates engaged cadets focused on professional development and proactively pursuing success.

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Third Wing

3rd Group Staff

Third Wing prioritizes developing all cadets into purposeful leaders that are intentional in their actions. This will be accomplished by...

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1st Regiment Staff

5th Battalion Staff

5th Battalion Staff's purpose is to provide guidance and direction for members of the Corps of Cadets within 5th Battalion....

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6th Battalion Staff

6th Battalion strives to be the most competitive Battalion in the Corps by leveraging every cadet and student capability for...

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7th BATT

7th Battalion Staff

The purpose of 7th Battalion is to provide a more concentrated executive structure to satisfy the mission of the Corps...

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A Battery

A-Battery is a history-rich network of distinguished leaders who forge paths for others to succeed.

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A&M Esports

To create a welcoming, remarkable, and fulfilling environment for video game enthusiasts, while spearheading the collegiate esports sector by empowering...

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Photo Club

A&M Photography Club

This organization is aimed towards A&M students who enjoy photography and taking pictures as a lifestyle. A&M Photography Club provides...

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A&M Refugee Advocates

Texas A&M Refugee Advocates exists to advocate for refugees by engaging the community at A&M and raising awareness about the...

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AMUMC College Ministry

A&M United Methodist Church's College Ministry

We strive to build connections with fellow students and fellow disciples of Christ.

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